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Simple DIY Fly Trap
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Buzz. Buzz. and, again Buzz.

The hot summer air is like a welcoming committee for a swarm of flies. They buzz around the backyard and bother just about everybody. Plus, let’s not forget their torment on your farm animals.

And, do not forget what a menace they are in your chicken coop buzzing all over the windows and crawling on the walls…..what a mess!

Simple Homemade Fly Trap

(Please Note: this is working just great…..we are catching flies as you read!!!! Super excited as this is so simple!)

Flies are truly a nuisance for any household! 

Yet, like most of you, we don’t like using pesticides or toxic chemicals to get rid of them. That’s because the nasty fumes are dangerous to you, your animals and plants. So we propose that you get rid of bugs the old-fashioned way i.e. DIY fly trap. Plus, this is a perfect way to re-purpose plastic bottle prior to recycling! 

This simplistic fixture has the power to lure in those invasive insects within a few minutes. You’ll certainly defeat these annoying invaders in a matter of days with this handy trap.

This only takes about 10 minutes to make……so it is well worth the time spent to catch those flies!!!

The Plan: How to Make Your Homemade Fly Trap?

Let’s look at what you’ve got to do to make this fly trap:


  • An empty plastic bottle (preferably 2 liters… I used a green bottle so I did not have to see the pesky flies inside the bottles
  • S harpknife to poke a starting hole in the bottle
  • Scissors or a serrated knife to cut the bottle 
  • A roll of packaging tape, if necessary
  • Some sweet bait
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of water
  • Few drops of dish soap
Simple Fly Trap is made with a 2 liter plastic bottle


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First thoroughly clean your bottle to make sure it has no residue left behind.
  2. Cut your bottle into two sections, the bottom half must be bigger than the top half. I cut it about 5 inches from the top.
  3. Keep the top screwed on the bottle to make it easier to poke the starting hole in the bottle without squishing it!
  4. Pour your bait, water and dish soap mixture inside the bottom half of the bottle.
  5. Now, remove your bottle’s cap and turn it upside down. Position it inside the other section of the bottle (as seen in the image below)
  6. Firmly secure the two halves of your flytrap with packaging tape. I did not have to use the packing tape as the inverted top fit pretty snugly inside the bottom.
A Simple Fly Trap to catch pesky insects

What kind of bait should you choose for your DIY Fly Trap?

The common fly usually hovers over sweet food, fresh produce or something rotten. So you’ve got the choice to pick anything from your kitchen or garden.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Overripe or rotten fruits/vegetables
  • Water with sugar/honey in it
  • Leftovers or garbage like potato peels
  • Fruit juice or vinegar mixed with dish soap
bananas and grapes are used as bait for this simple homemade fly trap
Bananas and Grapes used as Fly Bait in this Simple Fly Trap

That’s it! Now, place it in near a vegetable patch, on the edge of the patio, on your window sill, in the chicken coop, tack room or barnyard.

Pro tip:  The best spots are those that are open and where you get lots of flies. If you’ve got a big backyard, chicken coop, barn, tack room, feed room and garden area, then making more than one fly trap is a good idea. Or, better yet….make one for each individual area.

If the thought of having this simple fly trap in your home seems nasty to you, then consider using this vintage style of sticky fly ribbon!

The Mechanism: How Does this Easy Homemade Fly Trap Work?

Basically, the trap works like a sweet-smelling funnel it attracts the flies and never let them get out again.

Here’s a preview of what happens:

  1. The pesky pest flies down the funnel to taste the bait.
  2. It struggles to get back up and fails.
  3. It usually flops into the bait below, where the dish soap clings to its wings.

Voila! You’ve captured a bunch of flies with a single homemade fly trap.

homemade fly trap on a porch railing

Wrap It Up:

In short, making a flytrap is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. It doesn’t involve anything stronger than apple cider so it is natural, organic and most of all…..totally safe.

Plus, the simple steps give you the chance to make this DIY venture your kid’s summer home project. How great is that?

So who’s ready to give this one a go?

Simple Homemade Fly Trap | DIY Project that Works! promo image

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  • Kerry Hunt
    April 26, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    Thanks for the plans for this. I just got chicks and I know I’m going to need this near the coop!

    • Original Homesteading
      April 26, 2020 at 8:50 pm

      These Simple Fly Traps are so easy to make and so cost effective that you can set several of them around your coop area. And, if you need a Quick Baby Chick Checklist Printable, make sure print off a copy. The best to you & your flock. Thanks for writing!


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