Fresh Hot Loaf of Bread

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    1. I hope you like it! This recipe is definitely a hardier more rustic bread but I am still amazed that it slices without crumbling. And, it is ready in one hour! Thanks for writing.

  1. I have eikorn flour in my cupboard and I wanted a simple bread recipe. In my search, I came across this recipe, it is simple and quick and I love it! The bread is not hard well not to me. Thank you for creating this simple and easy bread recipe.

    1. I am so pleased this recipe is working well for you…Thanks for taking the time to write!

  2. Could you tell me if this recipe works with wholegrain Einkorn flour as well as all purpose Einkorn? Or do you need to adjust the dry/wet ratio? Also, can you bake the bread in a dutch oven with the lid on as you would for sourdough? Many thanks – looking forward to trying the recipe for something quick and easy.

    1. When using Einkorn Flour I let the dough rest for about 5 to 10 minutes to let the flour absorb the water before adding more flour to achieve proper consistency. This is true for bread, cookies, muffins and cakes, basically all my baking. With Whole Wheat Einkorn Flour, I would do the same but wait just a little longer. Rule of thumb is you may need to increase the water by a little but do so sparingly. I would suggest using half and half, white to whole wheat and then work from there to what you like. I have not tried all whole wheat but hope it turns out well for you. Also, yes, give it a try in your Dutch Oven as it should turn out nicely! Here’s some interesting information on the Dry/Wet Increase for Einkorn Flour. Hope it helps!

      1. It would be helpful if you state to let the dough rest in the instructions, as well as how to form it/ideal dough consistency versus readers having to jump around between the recipe, photos, and comments to gather all of that information…. Only once the loaf is in the oven, in my case. I did not know to let the dough rest and I left it in more of a rounded sphere shape as I do with my other Dutch oven bread recipes versus flattened like in your photo. Hopefully it turns out well anyway, as this seems like a really wonderful go-to recipe.

        1. Hi Jane, thank you so much for writing! Comments such as yours are so very helpful. I will definitely update the recipe to make it easier to read and more user friendly. I really appreciate you taking the time to point these things out. Thanks, again!

  3. Hi, I don’t bake much but I want to try this recipe. I don’t understand step 3, reducing down if using Einkorn wheat.
    Can you please explain what it means?
    Thank you, I am very excited to think I can make bread.

    1. The water amounts are listed in the ingredient section. You will use 3/4 cup of Water when using Einkorn Flour but 1 cup of water for regular wheat flour. Then reason for this is that Einkorn Flour absorbs less water so you will need to use a bit less water than if you are using regular flour. Hope this helps clarify. Please let me know how you do with your bread making….and please, feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for writing!

  4. Just whipped this up this morning. Delish…like Irish soda bread. I threw in some golden raisins, and used nut milk rather than water.

    1. What a great idea! Sounds delicious…I am going to give this a try, too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This was perfect to go with my homemade soup today! Almost like brown bread. I used half whole wheat Einkorn half white Einkorn. Delicious and super easy. Thank you!

    1. That is so wonderful…thank you for sharing! Great idea to use half Einkorn whole wheat and half Einkorn white flour. Sounds perfect to me!

  6. How would I make this into a loaf shape? Could I use a regular bread tin or ceramic loaf pan? Thanks for your help!

    1. I have not tried baking this bread in a loaf pan but yes, it should work nicely. Just form your dough into a loaf shape and place in a standard 9×5 inch size oiled or greased tin. Bake at 350° for 40 to 50 minutes. (you will have to watch the time as I have not done this yet) Test with a toothpick inserted in the middle to make sure it comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 10 to 15 minutes before removing. If using a glass or ceramic pan reduce heat to 325 degrees. Let us know how it comes out! It makes me want to try it, too…Thanks for writing!

  7. I just found this recipe this morning. I love Einkorn flour, but I needed a recipe for all spelt. For some reason, my GF husband can eat spelt but the einkorn still gives him a gluten response. I reasoned that the two flours are likely similar so prep should be the same. Voila! I’m tasting the first slice right now. Impressed. Very good. Thanks.

    1. Fantastic…so glad this recipe works with your spelt flour! Thanks for writing!

  8. So good to remember that there are more leavening agents than just yeast! What a great way to use einkorn flour, too!

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