Greens to Grow Indoors on a Sunny Windowsill

fresh herbs growing in small containers
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The gardening season doesn’t have to end in the fall, you can keep producing fresh food by growing greens indoors year round.

Plant Choices for Greens to Grow Indoors

A sunny window and a few planters are all you need to keep the gardening season going and fresh greens on your dinner plate. Use these tips and start growing some fresh greens to supplement your winter diet.

Bright Location

A south-facing window is an ideal location for growing winter greens indoors. The sun will shine the strongest on the south side of a home during the winter and the plants will need all the direct sunlight they can get to be healthy and produce vigorously.

If you don’t have a south-facing window, year-round gardening can still be done indoors with the aid of grow lights. LED grow lights come in a wide range of sizes and prices and will enable you to grow fresh produce indoors year-round.

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Small plants are best suited for growing indoors simply because they take up less space. All types of herbs are easy to grow and can be inter-planted in the same containers as salad greens. Herb growing kits are a simple way to get started.

Loose-leaf lettuce is a good choice for growing indoors during the winter. Plant some radishes, green onions, and spinach along with lettuce and you’ll have the base for a fresh green salad.

Fresh lettuces and spinach growing in a planter
Fresh Lettuces and Greens

Start a tray of micro-greens by planting arugula, kale, spinach, lettuce, turnip, beets, radishes and harvesting the leaves while they’re still in the baby stage of growth.

Sprouts are easy to grow indoors and make a healthy addition to a green salad or stir fry recipe. Sprouts don’t need soil to grow in, just a damp, dark environment.

Nasturtiums are edible flowers that will add color to your indoor decor and peppery greens to your salad.

Spice things up a bit by growing peppers indoors. Select a dwarf variety of your favorite bell or hot pepper for growing in a sunny indoor location.


Plant seeds every two weeks so you will have a continual harvest of these greens all winter.

Greens growing in planters to provide fresh lettuces for Winter
Plant Fast Growing Greens every 2 weeks for continual supply of fresh leafy lettuces.

Larger Plants

If you have a large indoor space that receives a lot of sunlight you can grow larger plants, like cherry tomatoes or citrus trees. Space and light will dictate what you can grow in an indoor garden year-round.

To Wrap It Up:

Gardeners love gardening! Whether in the dirt outside, with flower pots & containers on the porch or balcony, and even growing fresh herbs and sprouts on the kitchen counter……there are some of us that must love growing things all year round! Best of luck with your greens to grow indoors project!

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