Hand Knit Twine Scrubbie
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Do you enjoy using practical but super cool handmade items? Me, too…..but these things need to work and work well. This hand knit dish scrubber is one of those things!

When I am in the kitchen, I like using practical things with superior results. Time tested, age old items are my favorites…..especially those that are extremely inexpensive!

knitting simple handy items for the kitchen

I love cast iron skillets and griddles. I love wooden spoons and pottery mixing bowls. Things that work!

So, these hand knit scrubbies with natural pop-up cellulose sponges are just perfect. They are non-toxic and fun to make.

DIY Twine Dish Scrubbers are made with cellulose sponges

Handmade Dish Scrubber:

Being a “utility knitter” – meaning that I do not do patterns or cable stitches or anything fancy, I like simple practical knitting projects.

I have made socks, mittens, hats, dishcloths, hot pads, sweaters and fingerless gloves but these little natural twine scrubbers took all my knitting resolve.

close up of someone knitting with juke twine to make a homemade dish scrubbie

WORD of CAUTION: Do not be fooled……knitting with 5 pound strength sisal twine is tough. It is like 4-wheel drive knitting but tons of fun!!

The twine does not have any “give” or stretch to it so, just be patient as it feels a bit awkward at first as you begin knitting.

The twine is stiff and scratchy but you will develop your own way of knitting with it. And, just remember…..we want the twine stiff and scratchy as that makes for the very best dish scrubber!!

I really need to use the Optional: Leather Finger Tip Protector to aid in knitting. I use it on my index finger but help hold the stitches on the needle. You could even use a finger protector on each index finger. See what works best for you.

It is a challenge at first but keep after it and you will see that it becomes easier!


The heavy nature of the sisal twine insures the best hand knit dish scrubber with the best dish scrubbing ability ever. The scrubbies are so practical and so vintage looking.

They have loads of rustic appeal.

Hand Knit Twine Scrubber is natural and non toxic so it is perfect to use in the kitchen

A cellulose sponge is sewn inside the hand knit scrubbie for super water and soap holding power. The twine is stiff which gives it that great cleaning edge. The scrubbie does soften a bit in warm water but still has a nice feel in your hand.

I am even thinking these will be great for scrubbing gardener’s hands!




Sisal Twine – I used 5 pound strength but this is a lesser weight which is fine and will probably be easier to knit with

#8 Knitting Needles – I used straight needles as that is all I have

 Cellulose Pop-Up Sponges 

Heavy Darning Needle

Optional: Leather Finger Tip Protector

Optional but handy: Small Sharp Bird Scissors



First, cast on between 15 and 24 stitches. The number of stitches that you cast on will depend on the the weight of your sisal twine. I caste on 20 stitches but my twine was heavy duty. The lighter the twine, the more stitches you will need to caste on.

casting on knitting stitches on a knitting needle with juke twine along with a darning needle and sewing scissor in the background

Wet the cellulose sponge so it expands to it fullest size. Once you have caste on your approximate number of stitches, place the hydrated cellulose sponge on the stitches to measure and then figure if this will be enough.

Hand Knit Twine Scrubber with the end being stitich up with a darning needle and twine

Knit with the Garter Stitch which is the easiest knitting there is… is just knitting every row; knit the entire row and then knit back. It is all knitting and no purling. Just straight knitting.

Just make sure the edges are secure.

Knit for 5 to 6 inches. I did 18 rows but measure with your sponge to make sure you have knitted enough to cover it.

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STEP # 3


To finish the scrubbie off, bind off the stitches on your needle. If binding off seems too difficult, just weave a piece with your Darning Needle and twine to finish off the loops.

Then, simply sew the edges together with either the whip stitch or football stitch or whatever style you prefer.

Make sure the sponge is centered in your twine scrubbie, then sew up the final opening.

Hand Knit Twine Scrubber


Wet your new natural scrubbie in warm water and reshape, if necessary.

Make sure to rehydrate your cellulose sponge each time you use it.

hand knit dish scrubber in pan of soapy water

The scrubbie can be put in the dishwasher or microwave to sanitize. Or, you can gently boil for 5 minutes to kill any bacteria.

It is a very good idea to stay on top of sanitizing your dishcloths and natural scrubbies so they do not harbor bad bacteria.

Now that I have been using my new scrubbie, I am realizing that it is not as scritch scratchy as I thought so……I am planning on making a new one for the natural bathroom!

PS-remember that this is just a scrubbie so it does not need to be perfect to be very usable and functional!

PSS-the scrubbie is also biodegradable, so it can be simple tossed into the compost pile when it has served its purpose and begins to fall apart.


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