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As we approach the holiday season, birthdays and other special occasions, it’s time to think about what to give your loved ones.

But are you tired of run-of-the-mill gift ideas or do you dread getting a huge dent in your pocket by buying fancy gifts for your family and friends? Try one of these thoughtful gifts of time ideas this year!

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Thoughtful Gifts of Time Ideas

Your family and friends do not want you to go into debt to give them gifts! This is why these printable personalized coupons are perfect for homemade gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions!

There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.

~Leo Christopher

As much as you obsess over getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones and budgeting for them, let us tell you that the greatest gift of all is already there with you.

The other good news is that you neither have to scroll through online shops for it nor will you have to pay a single dollar to get it.

You can make your loved ones feel truly special by giving them the ‘Gift of Time’.

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Simple Gifts of Time Coupons

In this post, we’ll be discussing some wonderful gift of time ideas that are surely going to win you the ‘Best Gift Giver of the Year’ trophy!

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8 Best “Thoughtful Gifts of Time Ideas” for Your Friends & Family

1. A Spotless Home

young woman cleaning the upper cabinets in a beautiful modern kitchen

Cleaning a house is a pretty time-consuming job that’s not enjoyed by many. And people who have tough work schedules find it even harder to take out time to clean the house.

That said, even though people don’t enjoy spending their days off cleaning their house, everyone loves the look and feel of a clean and tidy home.

So, this year surprise your loved ones by giving them a coupon to help give their home a quick clean up so they can enjoy resting in a spotless home during the holidays or any time of the year!

2. A Few Hours of Babysitting

an older girl giving her younger friend a piggy back ride

Do you know a couple among your friends who hardly gets any time to themselves because of their parental duties?

How about you offer to babysit their children for a few hours while they can enjoy a romantic dinner? We can assure you they will love it.

Even if they don’t want to specifically plan something for themselves, they would still be grateful to you for allowing them some ‘me time’ away from the kids.

3. The Perfect Looking Yard

Beautiful Lawn and Yard care for gifts of time coupon ideas
Mowing and Trimming is a great Gift of Time Coupon

If you know someone who desperately needs yard help for their house, ask them to let you mow and trim their lawn.

This way, they can spend their Saturdays & Sundays enjoying their yard instead of dealing with all the work. Whether out in the country or in the suburbs, so many people need yard help.

Nobody likes it when they get a call from their Home Owner’s Association telling them to tend to the jungle growing outside their door or in the backyard. So, consider giving the gift of 2 hours of mowing!

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4. A Delicious Meal

Are you known for your excellent culinary skills? Why not put them to use? Head to your loved one’s house and tell them you’re going to be their chef for the day with your gift of time casserole coupon!

Roast in a Crockpot is a perfect gift of time idea

Delight them with an amazing casserole or meal without them having to do any preparation, take part in the cooking or the clean up afterward.

They will not only love the food but it will also give them a chance to sit together with their family and have a wonderful time.

5. Clean and Fresh Laundry

little girl helping do the laundry as a gift of time

Who doesn’t love the smell of clean and fresh laundry? Unfortunately, however, the time and effort that goes into it are what repels most people from doing regular laundry.

This is especially true for young people who are either studying or working in places far away from their families.

They already have so much to do that they hardly get time to do these daily chores. If you happen to have any such people in your circle, give them a helping hand with their laundry.

They will truly appreciate this gesture and it will save them so much time.

6. A Perfectly Clean Car

two kids washing a car on a gift of time coupon

Car cleaning is another chore that car owners either don’t enjoy or they just don’t get enough time for it.

So, a nice and deep car wash from you will always be welcomed by your friends or family.

All you need is to take out an hour or two from your time and get hold of some basic car cleaning supplies.

7. Shoveling Snow!

boy shoveling snow Gift of Time Coupon

When it snows, sidewalks need to be shoveled! Offering to help shovel is a perfect Gift of Time. It is one of those jobs that need to be right after it snows so the sidewalks do not get packed down.

Getting the snow off right away allows the sun to melt the remaining snow and dry up the walkways which are actually huge safety factors.

Consider this as a great gift of time idea while helping someone you love.

8. Hauling and Stacking Firewood

stacking firewood is one thoughtful gift of time ideas

Offering to haul and stack firewood for those on your list that heat with wood is a super nice gesture and another perfect helper type gift of time.

Maybe give one hour as your gift for hauling and stacking firewood.

Also, consider giving any of the following for Thoughtful Gifts of Time Ideas:

  • A Dozen Cookies
  • One Delicious Chocolate Cake
  • Take Down the Christmas Decorations
  • Clean out the Chicken Coop!
  • ….the sky is the limit on helpful projects!!!!

In Conclusion:

This year, surprise your loved ones with gifts that will truly make them happy and decrease their stress levels.

We hope that this list of the top gifts of time ideas will inspire you to come with the perfect gifts for those who are special to you.

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