How To Grow Green Beans ~ In Your Garden

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Green beans are very easy to grow in a home garden, and with the different varieties available there is a plant type that will fit your garden perfectly. These types of beans are repeat producers and will provide you fresh produce throughout the summer.

If you live in a climate with a long summer and mild fall, you can plant a second crop of green beans in mid-summer and harvest beans until the first frost.

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Sunny Location

All varieties of green beans grow best in full sun. Select a sunny planting location that has well-draining soil. The size of the location will depend on the plant type you select.

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Green Bean Varieties

There are several varieties of green beans – snap, string, pole, flat, long, etc., but there are only three plant types. Select the variety of green bean you want to grow then select the plant type that will fit best into your garden space.

For small gardens or containers select dwarf bush plants because the plants will take up minimal space in the garden. Bush plants will grow to be medium-sized and are great for any size garden.

Pole beans will produce long vines that can reach 20 feet in length and are great for large spaces or vertical gardens. Scarlet Runner Pole Beans have beautiful red flowers that attract hummingbirds!

Planting Green Beans

Prepare the soil by mixing in plenty of organic matter. Green beans are heavy drinkers but won’t tolerate soggy soil. The added organic matter (compost or well-rotted animal manure) will promote good soil drainage and help keep your plants well-fed. If you have poor soil, then consider adding a good all-purpose organic fertilizer.

Plants seeds directly in soil after all danger of frost has passed in spring. Space seeds one foot apart. Don’t be in a hurry to plant green beans, the seeds need warm soil to germinate and they will sprout and grow quickly.


Beans are very cold sensitive. If you live in colder climates, consider starting your beans inside or in a greenhouse.

Garden Seed Starting Ideas

Plant the seeds one inch deep and water the soil immediately after planting and keep the soil moist until seeds sprout.

After Planting Care

Provide pole beans with some type of vertical support to grow on. You can create a teepee support with poles and plant pole bean seeds around the bottom perimeter of the teepee for a high yield of beans that are easy to harvest.

Because green beans are legumes, they can fix their own nitrogen and fertilizing them is not necessary.


Harvest beans regularly to keep the bush or vine producing. Pick beans when the pods firm up and can be snapped, but before you can see the seeds inside bulging. Pick on a daily basis if possible for fresh eating and then to freeze or can your bounty for fall and winter use!

Growing Green Beans is easy and rewarding. Follow these simple steps and you will enjoy an abundance of fresh eating!

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