Easy Spring Cleaning List & Guide ~ To Get You Started

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Is there anything better than a freshly cleaned house? The answer for most of us would be no!

This is the perfect time to start SPRING CLEANING!!! With all the urgency on keeping things clean and germ free, this is the time to declutter, clean & disinfect your living space! Keep things simple, fresh and above all super clean ♥ you will love the results!

It is a common but dreaded practice to think about a nice clean up as soon as the spring season arrives. Since we’re just about to welcome spring, there’s no better time to roll up your sleeves and get ready with this easy spring cleaning list!

Easy Spring Cleaning List

If you don’t know where to begin with, you’re not alone! We are here to help you out with our well-rounded spring cleaning list to give you a good start.

Spring cleaning is quite simple and with a little bit of planning, you can get it done in much less time than you think.

In order to have a workable plan, think about doing one small task everyday and one large cleaning task once a week. In one month’s time, you will have your house clean. Organizing your to-do list into simple, manageable tasks is the way to go and the way to get things done!

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In this post, we have the list for the best spring cleaning tips that will help you welcome the season with a squeaky clean house. And, do not forget to add some wonderful air cleaning plants to your home!

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1. Begin with Dusting

Use a long-handled broom or an extendable duster to dust the corners of the ceiling in your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Next, you need to dust off furniture and fittings using a high-quality natural bamboo microfiber cloth.

If things are really dusty, then it works well to use a slightly dampened cloth. Remove dust from all decoration pieces, books, and frames kept on your shelves. Don’t forget to dust the picture frames, mirrors and wall hangings.

2. Clean Those Windows

You will need one day to clean all your windows. Take down or pull back the curtains and lift the blinds to start washing each window using a simple glass cleaner like rubbing alcohol and a bamboo natural fiber cleaning cloths. Find out more about homemade natural cleaning products here.

Keep a separate cloth for cleaning the window tracks. Actually, take a canister type vacuum with the hose attachment and vacuum out all window tracks and window sills.

A small brush (or a toothbrush) can scrub away any debris and dust that’s collected inside the tracks.  

You can lower the blinds or vinyl shades and clean them with a duster. If you have curtains or fabric shades, hake them outside, vacuum them or take them to a laundry.

If they are machine washable, then run them through your washing machine on the gentle cycle. Fluff them in the dryer or simply hang them back up on the window to dry.

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3. Vacuum the Floor

Make sure you reach all the nooks and crannies of your house to get the best results. While you can do this using a broom and dustpan, vacuuming is always more effective in getting all dust from the floors and carpets. If you do not have a home carpet shampooer, consider getting one of these: Bissell Turbo Power Brush Carpet Cleaner. The works especially great if you have pets.

Having a canister type vacuum with a HEPA filter works wonders in removing allergens and minute dust particles.

4. Put Winter Items Back to Storage

Now that you will be welcoming warm season, it’s time to put away your winter clothing. Sort out your under-bed storage boxes and organize your wardrobes for the spring and summer season. This is also a good time to see if you want to donate anything.

Pro Tip: hang out clothing on a clothesline to freshen in spring air

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5. Don’t Forget the Easy-to-Miss Surfaces

You may ignore these surfaces every day, but once or twice a year, you need to give your door frames, baseboards, and walls a nice and thorough clean. What better time to do this when you’re already in the spring cleaning mode?

Wash these surfaces with sponge using a mixture of a little antibacterial dishwashing liquid and warm water. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

6. Clean Under the Furniture and Appliances

You might need some assistance with this task because this involves moving heavy furniture like your beds, tables, chairs, sofas, and more. Move the furniture and vacuum the floor.

You might also need to mop some surfaces using a simple homemade disinfectant. I love this one as it fits right in with all my other handy cleaning supplies! Simple and inexpensive it very good ☺

Next, you need to clean your appliances. These include everything from your TV set to refrigerator to the microwave and more. Follow the cleaning guidelines for each appliance and clean them thoroughly.

7. Over to the Bathrooms

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Start with cleaning the exhaust fan air vent grills and disinfecting all bathroom fixtures and switches. Wash the shower area or bathtub and the basin with a bathroom cleaner or try your hand at making your own non-toxic homemade cleaning supplies (this is super fun and you will feel quite accomplished!)

Pay special attention to corners and grout lines. Scrub and disinfect the toilet, including around the base, hinges, and under the seat. De-clutter all drawers and cabinets and disinfect the countertops. A natural disinfectant that works well is this recipe for Homemade Thieves Oil.

8. Clear Your Basement

You might not be using this portion of your house as often but it still needs to be cleaned every few months. You can take out a few hours from the day to de-clutter your basement storage areas and shelves. Dust all surfaces and vacuum the floor thoroughly to get cobwebs and dust bunnies.

9. Put Your Kitchen in Order

Clear your kitchen drawers, cabinets, and pantry. Wipe and line them fresh shelf paper. Discard all unused or expired items {this in itself is a real eye opener as it is amazing of much extra but unnecessary things are in our cupboards!}

Use a vacuum to clean the cooling coils behind your fridge and do not forget to clean the exhaust fan vent, too! Check to see if you can run your exhaust filter through the dishwasher as this saves time. But if not, then clean it with warm soapy water and a brush and let air dry.

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It’s a Wrap ~ Your Easy Spring Cleaning List

We hope that this post will serve as an easy guide to tackle the spring cleaning project at your house this season. Include these chores in your cleaning routine and enjoy spring with a sparkling house. {fyi-this is easily adapted for anytime of year cleaning ☺}

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