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Wow……some of our lives have suddenly changed! Daily routines have stopped. Here are some creative, easy-to-do ideas to make this transition a little less stressy!

This can be difficult but not impossible…….we learned some things over the years and thought they might be helpful for you and your family! This might be a paradigm shift for some of you but that is okay… will start seeing things in a unique way.

Have a huge brainstorming session……start talking about things you want to learn and then research these on the internet. We used to have to read books! from the library to discover what is on the internet nowadays. So, this is pretty easy!

Just to give you a brief list of ideas to get you started, think about researching and then discussing some of the following and then create your own list:

  • How is Glass made?
  • How does an Airplane fly?
  • Why are some ants called Carpenter Ants?
  • Why do Mosquitoes bite people and animals?
  • How do vaccines work?
  • Learn how to make butter
  • Where are the highest mountains?
  • What country has the oldest living person?
  • How is cheese made?
  • Learn how a trebuchet works
  • Who invented the Hot Air Balloon?
  • Read about Thomas Edison?
  • Who is Benjamin Franklin?
  • Take a virtual tour of Mount Vernon
  • Watch a movie on Great Train Rides Across Switzerland
  • How are pencils made?
  • Who invented puzzles?
  • How is peanut butter made?
  • How are crayons made?
  • How are Chocolate Kisses made?
  • Who invented M and M Candies?
  • the list goes on and on……..add your own ideas and curiosities to it
  • and enjoy this time as a learning time and a time to rebuild family!
  • our oldest son used to read Encyclopedias for fun…….you should try this as one subject and discovery leads to another!
  • or start looking at the dictionary…….words are wonderful……these simpler things are extremely beneficial and educational.
Develop the love of learning! Learn for the sake of learning and good grades follow!

Ideas to Get you Started:

Here are some simple meal ideas, games and activities, money saving suggestions and DIY projects, then this is must-have information!

Not every idea will work for everyone but hopefully there will be something for everyone that will help ease these stressful times.

Being home all the time can be daunting but with a little creativity and thought, you can turn this time into the best ever! Enjoy your family, pull together and start thinking about what you can do for yourselves!!!

Things to Do at Home Categories

  • Simple Meals + Recipes
  • Games + Activities
  • Money Saving Ideas
  • DIY Projects
Real Food Ideas & Recipe


Easy meals are important during times of crisis and stress. But also think about adding some creativity into them to reduce boredom for serving the same foods over and over.

Crockpot Roast

Here is a wonderfully easy recipe to make a Crockpot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots. This recipe calls for a venison roast but any type of meat works just as well. Perhaps you can cook 2 smaller roasts and then have extra for lunches, soups or another meal.

Easy Roasted Vegetables

If you have potatoes and carrots on hand, then this is a wonderfully delicious and beautiful side dish. This recipe calls for kale but please omit or substitute with whatever you have on hand. You can easily adapt this recipe by adding extra frozen vegetables like broccoli or spinach to increase the nutritional value.

Homemade Gravy

Gravy can add a wonderful extra flair to an otherwise simple meal. This easy-to-follow gravy recipe will teach you how to make gravy anytime you like! Once you know the proper amounts and ratios for delicious homemade gravy you will be the best gravy maker ever!

Easy Family Meatloaf Bundles

So, to make meatloaf more exciting for our family, we made little meatloaf “travel bundles”. Not really sure where that came from or why it makes it taste better but the kids loved these! Super easy recipe with fabulous results.

It is a nice change from hamburgers. Meatloaf Travel Bundles are just perfect for small eaters and larger appetites can have two! Switching things up a bit helps boost morale in stressy times!! {meatloaf travel bundles, Cole slaw or vegetable, mashed potatoes + the homemade gravy recipe, from above, go nicely together}

Simple Everyday Cake

This is the cake for everyday……perfect for breakfast with fruit or juice, snacks and desserts. It is wonderful when simply served plain, or with frosting, or with berries and whip cream. The ingredients are basic things that most will have in their pantry or cupboard. This is a lovely cake when served by itself with coffee. Simple, wholesome and delicious♥

Best Everything Cookie Recipe

One cup of just about everything is all this recipe calls for. It is an amazingly easy and fun recipe to make. Add extras that you like and substitute things that you do not like. Super way to use up a little of this and a little of that.

Easy Homemade Pizza

Instead of having pizza delivered to your door, take a look at this inexpensive alternative for homemade pizza made with tortillas. Everyone can make their own style of pizza! Fun family activity and meal!

Homemade Waffles

Love Waffles? Here is a healthy and delicious waffle recipe that is a snap to make! Simple ingredients that most everyone has on hand. This recipe does call for Einkorn Flour, but it can be made with any type of wheat flour or your own special flours.

Also, no waffle iron?, this exact same recipe works great for pancakes! Make sure to take a look at the Homemade Butter Spread to go along with your waffles or pancakes!

Simple Meal Planning Ideas for Everyday Living

This is must-see post loaded with information on simple meal planning. It covers how to put together an easy meal plan and menu. Plus, has information on important pantry items.


Keeping busy and staying active are super important things to do everyday. Take a look at these ideas for some healthy fun but also for some helpful projects!

Gifts of Time Coupons

This might be the perfect opportunity to create some gift giving coupons. There are 2 different printables for you or if you want to make your own, then grab some of these ideas and make your own Gifts of Time Coupons! Customize your coupons for your special family members and friends!

Emergency Car Kit

Make a list of all the things that you will need in your own Emergency Car Kit. Even if you are not able to get to the store at this time, plan ahead by creating your list of emergency items that you will need to keep in your car.

Personal Emergency Kit

Discuss with your family on how to create and build a Personal Emergency Kit for each member of your family. These types of kits are recommended to have on hand for the unexpected emergency!

Magazine Messages

Cut apart magazines, catalogs or newspapers and even junk mail to create messages. If you cannot find the entire word that you need, cut individual letters to spell out words. Send to someone special.

Make a Homemade Fly Trap

This is a simple project that is fun to do and that will catch flies this spring and summer!

Homemade Sachet ~ Pomander Balls~

Learn how to make a handcrafted Pomander Ball… project that will last for years! The necessary ingredients are one fresh apple for each person and whole cloves. The rest is easy!

Concentration the Memory Building Card Game

This is a wonderfully easy card game for all ages. All that is needed in a smooth surface or floor and one deck of playing cards. Shuffle the cards and lay them out face side down in rows that are easy to reach.

Taking turns, each player turns over 2 cards trying to get a match with the numbers or face cards or aces. Either 2 Queens or 2 Fives or 2 Sevens, etc…….If you get a match, you get an extra turns……this is a fantastic memory game for all ages!

Tissue Box Covers

Find this incredibly simple but handy craft idea made from old sweater sleeves. Learn how to make your own tissue box cover. There is a simple no-sew method and another method that requires a little bit of hand-stitching. You will be surprised with this easy craft idea!

Building Indoor Forts

Homemade forts are the best especially ones that you can sleep in! Use your imagination, grab some blankets and pillows and build a safe fort for a new play area or study space. Forts are a wonderful indoor activity!

Homemade Playdough

This is the very best Homemade Playdough Recipe around……perfect for indoor creative play anytime of the year…..on rainy days or sick days or just needing something fun to do kinda days! ☺

Homemade Liquid Soap Recipe

Can you believe that you can make one half gallon of liquid hand soap from just one bar of soap? Amazing but true!!! This is a fun project that will need adult supervision. Great activity, science experiment or home school project. Discover and feel what viscosity really is and what it means!

Homemade Doggie Biscuits

If you have a dog or if you have a neighbor or friend that has a dog, then consider making homemade doggie treats. This recipe is simple and fun plus it has healthy ingredients for your dog!

Declutter Under Your Bathroom Sink & Go Natural!

Take just a little time and clear out all the junk under your bathroom sinks. Find out how to make some really simple all-natural cleaning supplies with non-toxic ingredients.

This is a great project to do with your kids as it is an environmental teaching moment, science experiment and fun activity…..all-in-one! (the environmental and science parts come in when you ask them to Google the dangers of the listed ingredients on the chemical cleaning supplies!)

Household Ideas


Saving Household Money Tips and Tricks

Discover some simple ways to save household money! These tips will come in very handy when funds are running short.

Earn Extra Money from Home

Find creative ways to earn extra income from home. This is a huge long list of ideas with something for everyone!


Checklist of Practical Household Skills

Take a look at this list of practical skills and see how you do!!! You will be able to do some of the things on the list but there might be some new and challenging projects to try. You will find lots of fun and practical living skills.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

This is the perfect time to tackle some of the cleaning jobs that you have always wanted to do but never had the time…….maybe today will work? There is a Free Printable Checklist included to keep you organized!

How to Start Garden Seeds

Take a little time and plant a few things indoors to get a jump on the spring and summer growing seasons. Having some homegrown food is an ideal way to offset your food cost and to be a little bit more self-reliant during uncertain times.

Discover the Art of Darning Your Wool Socks

Learning to mend holes in your socks is a very handy skill. This method is easy to learn and works wonders in extending the life of your wool socks!

Gardening Information & Extras

How to Grow Series for Vegetables

Find out how to grow all the major vegetables in your home garden, on a deck or patio or in containers on your porch. Homegrown is best!!

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Continue Learning & Growing Everyday

There are lots of things to do from home to safeguard you and your family. Take advantage of any extra time that you have to educate yourself in the art of simple living……learning by doing is best!!!

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