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There is a multitude of ways to make money homesteading. It will take some time to determine which ones are best for you and your home, farm or homestead situation. Think of things that you have to offer in ways of gardening, construction, farming, skills, trades or livestock.

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”

~Abraham Lincoln

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Plus, consider other ways to make money from home like sewing & mending, maintenance like lawn care, specialty skills like woodworking & repairs, watch & clock repairs, etc…….this is our story:

As a single-income family and with me being a stay-at-home mom, we found there were times that we needed additional income.

We have incorporated raising animals, growing our garden, hunting & fishing, preserving food all the while raising our family on our land in a small western town.

We are always on the lookout for ways to make money. Some are small but some of them are large enough to add a viable source of income.

Some of these suggestions can be worked from home and some are worked away from home all the while with the focus being able to live a more self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyle on our land.

rustic but strongly constructed chicken coop with a wooden door and windows that is surrounded by yellow sunflowers and shady cottonwood trees.

Living the simple life still costs money……..

“Money is not everything but it is right up there with air!!!” 

We have been a self-employed, homeschooling family for over 35 years, plus, we ran a small log home company in western Wyoming.

Our family has worked on all of the following homestead money-making ideas while still living on our homestead and doing those homestead type things that homesteaders do!

First of all, creating some type of blueprint of your ideas, thoughts, and actions for your homestead is imperative.

Having a Homestead Seasonal Planner is ideal. Remember to “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan” as valuable advice.

That said, let’s begin exploring ways to create, fund and keep up your homestead financial plan.

Saving is as important as earning so do both for financial health!! Learn to Make HOMESTEAD MONEY.…while living on your homestead!

Several years ago, we started a small start-up business in lawn care called The Lawn Rangers……….talk about on-the-job-child-training!



Running a family business is a remarkable way to help instill responsibility, work ethics, finances, and social skills in your children while actually having a lot of fun!

We developed a multitude of wonderful relationships in our small community with our clients. Super valuable experience all the way around!

This proved to be very valuable as some of our children still have side jobs mowing plus they learned how to take care of properties, established lasting relationships with community residents and made some money.

Find out what it takes to build a $100,000 a year online business for $1.  Online businesses and blogs are a great way to add homestead income.

Earn Money Money from Livestock, Poultry and Animals

a nice flock of colorful laying hens eating fresh grown garden lettuce in the shade for a treat
Raise Laying Hens

•Raise Chicks and Laying Hens for your Family and Sell your Extra Eggs. When you order chicks or hatch eggs, consider ordering or hatching extras to sell.

•Raise and Keep Dairy Goats or a milk cow for your Family and Sell your Extra Milk

•Have Sheep or Goats and sell the lambs and kid goats

•Raise Sheep or Angora Goats for their wool. Specialty wool fiber can be a very lucrative business.

•Start a Dog Walking Service

•Board pets while people are on vacation

•Raise Stock Dogs or Livestock Guard Dogs and Sell the puppies

•Raise Organic Beef, Pork or Lamb and sell shares of meat

More Home Business Income Ideas to Make Homestead Money

•Create an online business or blog from home.  The $100,000 Online Business Roadmap is only $1. Grab yours today!

Also, Blog Simple Framework is another course by Paul Scrivens

•Split and Stack Firewood for Cash or Trade

 young man sitting on top of a huge pile of firewood that he just finished splitting
Split and Stack Firewood to earn income from home

•Create a Sewing and Mending Service from home or Simply plan on doing all your own sewing and repairs to save money

•Start a Small Catering Business, specializing in an area of your expertise like desserts, cheesecakes, loaves of bread, etc……

•Hire out to asset with events and parties as set up or take down crews (work around your homesteading schedule)

•Hire out to asset as kitchen help for large gatherings, parties or events (can be scheduled around your homestead activities)

•Offer in-home childcare as appropriate around your homestead schedule

•Ask neighbors, church members or club members if they need any jobs or chores done for Cash or Trade


Consider starting classes or a school for:

  • Homesteading skills or experiences
  • Cooking classes
  • Animal husbandry
  • Survival skills and experiences 
  • Food Storage
  • Food Preservation

•Write an eBook on your area of expertise such as homesteading skills and  lifestyle, candle making, handicraft, soap making, animal care, gardening, and/or cooking skills

old log house and porch covered in snow from a spring snow storm
Snow on the Homestead

•Create a Winter Time Snow Blowing and Snow Plowing Service

•Develop of Tree Trimming Service (we did this under The Lawn Rangers Family Business)

•Become a Certified Weed Sprayer and start a Weed Spraying business. This is an ongoing need in all parts of our country. Consider working closely with your local conservation district on this.

•Offer your expertise in construction or carpentry work from income or trade

•Build Fence or make fencing parts such as buck sticks for Buck-n-Pole Fences

Do Farm and Homestead Chores for the Neighbors for Cash or Trade

•Offer to Farm Sit or Homestead Sit while the owners are away for Cash or Trade

•Haul and Stack Hay for Cash or Trade

Creative Income Ideas to Earn Income from your Land:

•Set up short-term or long-term RV Storage, Vehicle, Snow Machine, Boat or Trailer Storage. You would need to offer a safe spot and could even build a 3-sided, covered shed.

•Rent or lease your property for seminars or classes of some type

•Offer your property for temporary event hosting or for temporary construction projects

•Look into Earn Homestead Income through Vacation Rentals through VRBO and Airbnb

•Research for a Movie or Music Video set, and rent or lease your property. We did this for the music video, “Where Cowboys Ride” by Sarah Darling. The Wyoming Office of Tourism commissioned Sarah Darling to make this music video for Wyoming. Our barn, tack shed, pastures and corrals are in this music video.

eBay Account:

 Open an eBay account and a PayPal Account. Sell items that you no longer need. You can run this extra business from home. This is a very user-friendly system.

• Grow and Sell Horseradish on eBay. Use the Flat Rate Small Priority Boxes for Shipping.

•Grow and Sell Milk Kefir Grains on eBay. Use the Flat Rate Small Priority Boxes or First Class for Shipping.

•Grow and Sell Water Kefir Grains on eBay. Use the Flat Rate Small Priority Box or First Class for Shipping

fresh garlic piled up on a antique kitchen scale being weighed for shipment
Selling Garlic by the Pound

•Sell your Garlic for both eating and planting on eBay. Use the Flat-Rate Small Priority Mailing Boxes to ship.

Note: You can order Free USPS Mailing Supplies from the website.


Rent, Lease or Start a Business to Make Money Homesteading:

Take on Online Herbal Studies Program with Herbal Academy of New England and start a home business selling herbs

•Rent or Lease Pasture for Payment or Trade.  This is an excellent way to create some passive income if you have vacant fenced land or pastures. In our area, horses bring about $75 each per month without supplemental feeding. Pasturing livestock way to make money homesteading.

a brown dairy cow with a bell around her neck is grazing on a grassy slope

•Consider leasing pasture for cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. Your responsibility will be providing pasture, water, and adequate fencing. Research Craig’s List to find pasture rates in your area.

•Board Horses: build paddocks and shelters for boarding horses. Offering a barn, paddocks, riding arena or trails for riding will increase the amount you can charge. Make sure to have a liability policy in place to cover you and your family. Also, have release forms for your clients to agree to and sign.

•Start a House Cleaning Business. This is an excellent way to make money homesteading as you can work your own hours and schedule. Rates in our area are about $15 to $25 per hour. Again, research your local newspaper or Craig’s List for your local house cleaning rates.

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Also See

Starting a Family Business with your Kids is a great way to Make Money Homesteading!

As mentioned above, we had started a Family Lawn-care Business called The Lawn Rangers! We ran this business for several years and had a multitude of clients. While my husband was building log homes and after homestead chores, the kids and I mowed and weeded a few lawns during the week.

We limited our business to just mowing and weed eating as this was the most profitable use of our time.

man mowing his lawn with a Husqvarna lawn mower
Family Mowing Business as a way to Make Money Homesteading

We ran one Husqvarna Riding Mower and 4 smaller push-type Husqvarna Mowers plus had 2 weed eaters. Our rule of thumb was one dollar a minute or $60 per hour.

We provided all the equipment, labor, and fuel. Billings were sent out monthly. The Lawn Rangers proved very cost-effective and lucrative with the added bonus of teaching and training our kids on how to work.

Our family developed many great business relationships as well as friendships with our clients. A family business offers many positive teaching and training opportunities!

Note on our family lawn care business:

Since Federal taxes are favorable for family businesses, this is a very definite benefit to starting a home business. Make sure to talk to your CPA. Yes, I said CPA…….we do use an accountant. Proper tax preparation is very important.

The DIY mindset is very important but we have decided to Do-It-Yourself in the areas that we feel the most confident in and taxes are not one of them!!!

We have always run Husqvarna equipment from Husqvarna Chainsaws for our log home company to all Husqvarna Mowers and Husqvarna Weed Eaters for The Lawn Rangers…..oh, I guess one of the kids liked his Stihl straight shaft string trimmer but other that one, it has been Husky’s all the way!!!

•Market a Product from Home:

We have taken a great nutritional supplement for over 15 years called Body Balance from Life Force International. Life Force is an international company that offers superior products that make differences in daily living.

Body Balance is a whole-food liquid nutritional food made from Sea Vegetation. Body Balance has vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and essential fatty acids in a synergistic whole-food supplement.

This is a great company that pays well. Plus, you simply promote their products and they drop-ship orders to your customers.

There is no inventory for you to buy or keep on hand. Plus, Life Force International has a 90-Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee. Why Life Force International

Earn an Income from your Garden:

Selling your homegrown vegetables, herbs and flowers is a simple start as one of many ways to make money homesteading.

Gardening: Research your growing climate, soil condition, and local weather patterns

• Start by planning and growing a small garden. Lettuces and Greens are super easy to grow and super nutritious plus you can sell extra at your local Farmer’s Market or Truck Stand

•Growing Seedlings to sell. Start them indoors with a  Compact Tabletop SunLite® Garden

Grow Herbs and Sell at Local Farmer’s Market

•Grow and Sell Fresh Flowers: I have grown Statice and dried the flowers on whole stems. I sold these at a local gift shop.

•Hire yourself out to plant someone else’s garden. Think in terms of Planting, Weeding, and Harvesting for cash.

•Buy a Chipper/Shredder and shred mulch on-site. Mulch for other people.

leafy young green lettuces and greens growing in a greenhouse
Sell Seedling as a way to Make Money Homesteading

•Build or buy a small Greenhouse and start seedlings. Contact your local NRSC Office about cost-sharing programs. We were able to find a 50/50 Cost Share Program for our  Greenhouse.

•Go to the Library and Check out Gardening Books or buy your own. Plan a Garden, plant your garden and market extra produce

Here are my favorite Go-To Homestead / Gardening Books:

The Original Manual for Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself

You will discover many ideas that will help your homestead life prosper with ways to make money homesteading!

The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook


The Self Sufficient Gardner by John Seymour

The Self Sufficient Gardner by John Seymour

Learn to Freeze and Can Garden Produce

Home Canning saves money

Freeze Your Own Garden Produce: Fresh To Freezer

Make your own compost…….Rustic Compost Crock

red kitchen countertop compost container

Work these income savings ideas from and around your Homestead

Some ways to save money are as simple as learning to take care of your health. Research natural remedies that can help with maintaining your family’s overall health.

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Household Budget Ideas and Credit Card: 

Create a Budget – develop a simple budget of earnings and expenditures. Simply make two columns on a sheet of paper titled Income and Expenditures.

Build a “Rainy Day” Savings Account; listen to the Six Month Fund for Emergencies. This is vitally important. Most Americans do not have at least $500 on hand in a savings account.

Being self-sufficient means taking care of yourself. Having a “Rainy Day” Savings Account is so important. Start building that today!

Have only one Credit Card and pay the balance off each month. Plan to have a card that offers points for things that you need. Do not get Air Mile points if you do not travel. We have a Cabela’s Credit Card that earns points for things we need and want for our lifestyle. Get free boots, socks, tools, things for hunting & fishing……Things that matter to you for your lifestyle.

Sign up for Ebates Cash Back. I just got $16.64 from things that I normally purchase online. Great way to get some cashback!! Ebates will send you a check!

Use Smart Coupons and all types of coupons when possible but only buy those items that you really need!!

Household Insurance Saving Tips: 

Revisit all Insurance Policies and shop around for the best rates and deals. Combine all policies such as Homeowner’s, auto and a PULP with one carrier for multi-policy discounts. (A PULP is a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy) Combining all policies including a PULP can actually be less expensive than just having one auto policy or one homeowner’s policy.

Make sure all your policies are up-to-date. This is asset protection. Your simple lifestyle needs protection, too!!!

Review Healthcare Coverage: we are members of Christian Healthcare Ministries. This is such a blessing as the membership fees are extremely affordable compared to normal Health Insurance. Plus, CHM offers a referral program called “Bring-A-Friend”.

When you tell a friend about CHM and they join, you receive a premium holiday which means CHM waives one month’s membership cost for your family.

Each new member that joins and stays for three months qualifies you for this premium holiday! This is fantastic as your family can save up to $450 a month just for referring Christian Healthcare to others that you care about!! Christian Healthcare Ministries is compliant with all government regulations. This is a “must-do” for your healthcare coverage!

Create a Blog or Online Business in Your Area of Expertise:

Dare to Conquer is the most comprehensive “All-in-One” online business course available today. The $100,000 Roadmap is only $1.

First: ⇒You must Secure your Domain Name and Website Hosting Service: I highly recommend Lyrical Host

The Lyrical Host people are superb……and, their website is super easy to navigate……especially for all us older people!!! The younger generation just seems born knowing everything about the tech world, websites and blogging!!! 

So, set up a New Hosting Service with Lyrical Host and decide which hosting plan is most affordable and best fits your needs. I would recommend that get the site monitoring and privacy package if you are able. This offers extra needed protection for your new website.

Plus, buy this ebook on how to start a blog!


Learn how to make money blogging even if you only have 1,000 monthly page views! Get real actionable tips to start earning an income blogging, and learn how to make a living as a blogger!
Make Money from Home

I bought this eBook from A Modern Homestead and it has been a lifesaver. I have printed this manual so I have a hard copy to refer to when I need review. Victoria has spelled everything out in such a thorough format.

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All the Best to You as you discover a variety of ways to Make Money Homesteading while creating the life of your dreams!

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