How to Create Your Own Homestead: Ideas to Start Today

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HOMESTEADING is actually a verb with the “doing of living” so with that understanding, begin creating your own homesteading ideals with a focus on simple living skills of being capable and prepared. Adopt a homesteader’s mindset of self-reliance.

Important Note: just remember, it is not All or None in this case… is more about thinking and doing things that you can where you are to be more self-reliant and more prepared!

Ways to Create Your Own Homestead

Begin Where You Are: Homesteading Skills can be started anywhere.

Start small, do what you can where you are. Think about gaps in your current situation and make plans to develop and learn survival skills. Everyone has a different living situation so remember you do not need to follow anyone else’s plan, structure or lifestyle.

An easy way to begin is by making a checklist of the basic things that you need on a daily basis. Then develop that list by thinking of things that you can begin right away and finally add things that you find interesting and affordable that would like to begin doing in the future. Evaluate those items that are doable right away, jump in and get started.

You may simply want to grow a few tomato plants, raise a few laying hens for fresh eggs or simply start with a handicraft such as knitting cotton dish-cloths for gifts.

You may decide to begin by baking some of your own bread or eating a simpler more wholesome diet. If making your own from scratch cookies or meals is of interest, then get started.

There are a host of ideas on what to start with but the big decision lies with you…….ask yourself what it is that inspires you and encourages you about simpler living and get started……….

Here are some ideas……Make Your Own French Bread, Grow Lettuce and Greens or Heating with Wood… on for more ideas!

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old broken down homestead in the morning sunlight

“Original Homesteading” is really about creating your own unique lifestyle today!

I like to use the word ~Original~ as an adjective to the noun Homestead. 



Meaning……Created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation: such as “Original Rembrandts”. Synonyms to the word Original are: Authentic, Genuine and Actual…….

You decide, create, and build your authentic and genuine Original Homestead as you see fit!

Create Your Own Homestead
Create Your Own Homestead

The idea is that your Homestead is just that……Original. You do those things that bring you enjoyment as you create simple homemade living.

Man riding a horse in the mountains



Special Note: not everyone has the time or wish to be completely self-sufficient but with creativity everyone can add a sense of homesteading to their lives!

Here are some ideas: 

Start by planting a few tomato plants in pots on your balcony or deck or start a small kitchen garden by growing  Lettuces and Greens. Or seek out sources to buy farm fresh eggs, milk or vegetables from local producers…….these types of things may actually bring you great pleasure as you take your first steps toward being more self-reliant while you begin the journey to create your own homestead.

Homestead Garden
Homestead Garden

It is so satisfying providing for ourselves. Some may make and bake Everything from Scratch; some may gather the things they need from various sources; either the garden, greenhouse, hen-house, farmer’s markets, local grocery or online websites . The idea is be thoughtful in all you do. Maybe make your own From Scratch Delicious Pancakes or Homemade Waffles.

Begin Freezing Raspberries-The Easy Way, or Freeze Blueberries or Strawberries. Whether you grow your own berries, gather wild berries, find small farmer’s markets and roadside stands or specials at your grocery store……it all counts! Do what you can where you are!

Or make your very own Homemade Jerky with an Easy to Use LEM Jerky Rack or Homemade Sausage  or even Fresh Homemade Protein Powder!

Learn about Making Homemade Milk Kefir

And, even your Very Own Doggie Biscuits!

There are so many great ideas on how to begin this journey of self-sufficiency and self-reliance!

Homestead Life

Self sufficiency means many things to different people; think about what is important to you and your family & start making small changes…….

young woman Straining Fresh Goat Milk

When thinking about How to Create Your Own Homestead; rural or city, country or suburbs, develop plan to create your own style of simpler, more satisfying living. This can mean different things to different people.

From Window Gardening, to Growing, freezing and making Zucchini Bread, to growing potted flowers, to raising Baby Chicks, to having Dairy Goats; the list is endless.

It may mean being ready for power outages by having Non-Electric Lighting, or a Wood Stove or a Propane Refrigerator or a Splitting Maul plus the items needed for Food Preservation.

Looking North toward the Ramshorn Peak in Dubois Wyoming
Ramshorn Peak in Dubois, Wyoming

Or, it may mean that you acquire the skills to begin a new craft or hobby or that you make a Delicious Homemade Chai Latte Mix for gifts or Bake Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies or Make Your Very Own Soft Butter Spread.………you can learn how about Heating Your Home with Wood or How to Make Your Own Fire Starter.

Homesteading Ideas

There are so many ways to create your own style of Homesteading!

freshly cut grass in front of a historic log house

Be creative!!! Be thoughtful in your daily life!!! Help yourself and others be the best they can be!!!…..

We reap what we sow!!!

Be Creative…….

Vintage Blue BallJars with Sunshine
Vintage Blue Ball Jars bring a Touch of Nostalgia to a Homestead


The balancing act is to live and create meaning in the middle of this busy, hectic and complicated world…………so think about creating your own unique Original Homestead today!!!

Whiskey Basin
Whiskey Basin

That’s a Wrap

Consider little changes that you can make in your life to help you create balance……

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Purple Ball Jars from The Heritage Collection

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It is a mindset and lifestyle!

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