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Fresh Red Raspberry is Perfect for Jam
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Raspberries are a wonderful, beautiful & nutritious berry but because they are a soft fruit they do not last long after being picked so…..

Freezing Raspberries is so Easy!!!!

These berries so delicious that it is definitely worthwhile taking the time to put some raspberries in your freezer………


Thinking about the wonderful ways to use frozen raspberries is fun………Smoothies, Coffeecakes, Warm Syrup for Pancakes, French Toast or Waffles, Frozen Berries for Ice Cream Topping or just simply grabbing a handful of berries……..year round!!!

Basket of Raspberries!!
Basket of Berries!!

Simple Steps to Freezing Raspberries:

  1. Pick or buy fresh raspberries
  2. Now, sort the raspberries taking out any bruised or damaged berries
  3. Place the unwashed, yes, unwashed raspberries on a clean cookie sheet
  4. Freezing them individually helps keep them from sticking together
  5. Please see the photo below on spacing idea
  6. Place the raspberry filled cookie sheet in the freezer being careful to keep in level

This works very well for Blackberries, too!!!!

Now, wait for the raspberries to freeze solid…………

freezing raspberries
Raspberries on Baking Sheet

Arranging Fresh Raspberries on Cookie Sheet

And……wait just a little longer to make sure they are completely frozen solid…..

Getting Trays of Raspberries Ready for the Freezer
Getting Trays of Raspberries Ready for the Freezer

Once the raspberries are completely frozen, take the cookie sheets out of the freezer and place the frozen berries in plastic quart size Ziploc type bags. If you do not like using these types of plastic bags, then you can try storing your frozen berries in quart size Ball or Mason Jars with screw lids.

Also See

Freezing in Ball Jars is a great alternative idea to using plastic bags.

Click here to order your Ball Jars.

 Place Individually Frozen Raspberries in Plastic Freezer Bags
Place Individually Frozen Raspberries in Plastic Freezer Bags

Immediately place the sealed Ziploc bags or Ball jars back into freezer, being careful not to let the raspberries thaw at all.

The frozen raspberries need to remain Frozen so they stay individually separated which makes them so easy to take out the bag. You can take one, a handful or a cupful. Just rinse quickly under water prior to eat or using in recipes.

Here is a simple healthy idea that I make everyday for my husband’s lunch……it works so great for his lunchbox!!!!

If you are watching the amount of sugar in your yogurt, then consider simply buying or making plain yogurt and adding your own fruit and Pyure Organic All-Purpose Blend Stevia Sweetener

  1.  Spoon the plain yogurt into a small 8 ounce canning jar (I use Nancy’s Organic Plain Yogurt)
  2.  Sprinkle one teaspoon of Pyure Stevia Blend sweetener
  3.  Rinse 5 to 6 of your frozen raspberries with water, shake off excess water, dry with towel
  4. Place clean raspberries on top of yo
  5.  Top with a lid and put in lunchbox
 Recipe Idea for using Frozen Raspberries
Recipe Idea for using Frozen Raspberries

Simple, delicious and healthy all in one!!! The cool thing is that frozen raspberries help keep the yogurt chilled until lunch time!!

 Super Healthy Beautiful Raspberries
Super Healthy Beautiful Raspberries

Beautiful Healthy Raspberries!!!!

 Super Delicious Raspberries
Super Delicious Raspberries

Freezing Raspberries ~The Easy Way~ will make for year around enjoyment of this super delicious, super healthy berry!! Once you try freezing raspberries, then move on to freezing blueberries and strawberries!

a small raspberry branch with red raspberries, green leaves and a few unripe but developing berries
FREEZING RASPBERRIES | Easy Way to Freeze Berries promo image
Freezing Raspberries

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