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Simple living ideas for everyday life are helpful in saving money but it still costs something. This is where Homestead Money Smarts comes in by learning everyday ways to save money!

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“A penny saved is a penny earned!”

advice attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Making and saving money go hand-in-hand. The overall essence of homesteading is to create ways to use and reuse as much as possible. 

Gardening, Food Preservation, Cooking & Baking from Scratch can help lower your Monthly Food Costs…..So to begin, it is very wise to evaluate your family’s needs with regard to your budget.

Learn about saving money on your homestead with homestead money smarts

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Implementing small changes can add up to big savings. Evaluate your income and expenses and see where you can make adjusts to protect your hard-earned money.

Here is a list of 65+ Ways to Make Homestead Income that works perfectly with saving homestead income for overall homestead money smarts!

Begin by looking around you to find opportunities that already exist. Get creative in trying to fill the needs of others so bloom where you are planted!

Homestead Money Smarts

Here are some 50+ tried and true ways to homestead money smarts & saving money on your homestead:

Simple Everyday Frugal Living Tips to Save Money:

•Limit your trips to town.

 Learn to fix things yourself

•Sign up for Ebates Cash Back. I just got $16.64 from things that I normally purchase online. Great way to get some cashback!! They will send you a check!

•Shop Online and Watch for the 15% to 20% + off Promo Codes plus Free Shipping.

•Make a List of Gift Items throughout the year that family members and friends need. Purchase during the off-season for better prices.

•Make Gifts of Time~ Coupons to give to family and friends: raking, housecleaning, chopping and stacking woodpile, mowing, weeding, baking, etc

•Make Reusable Gift Bags instead of buying wrapping paper. This not only saves money but it makes gift wrapping a breeze.

Also, consider doing your own remodel jobs like this farmhouse kitchen makeover!

Here are some must try Simple Everyday Frugal Living Tips to Save Money that will help save more of your money!

More Ways to Save Money at Home

•Learn How to Darn Socks with this Vintage Skill

200 Homemade and Handcrafted Gifts!!!!

•Shop at Thrift Stores when you are in town. Look for good brand name items as they are usually better quality and will last longer.

•Watch for wool & cotton yarn remnants at thrift stores for hot pads and dishcloths. These make wonderful gifts!

•Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies with simple ingredients

•Create an Emergency Food Storage Program for your family. But make sure to store food that you like and will eat!! Remember to Rotate your inventory.

•Buy or Create a Seed Saving Vault or Vacuum Seal Heritage Non- GMO Seeds for planting in emergency situations

Create a Budget. If you need help, Grab Your Free Simple Financial Worksheet at the end of this post

•These are super Money Saving Worksheets from Victoria Pruett for only $27 to help with meal planning.

•Research and Learn about Self Help Herbal Remedies to have on hand. Look at the Herbal Academy of New Englan

•Skip the Manicures, fancy fingernails and Pedicures (these are expensive) Note: learn these skills for your needs and then hire yourself out!

Learn to Cut Hair and do your own haircuts to save big bucks if you have a large family

•Furthermore: Make sure to Eat Well and Stay Healthy

Simple Everyday Frugal Kitchen & Meal Tips

•Plant a Kitchen Garden

Cut and Come Again Lettuce growing in Greenhouse.
Succession Planting of Leaf Lettuces

•Learn to Grow Your Own Herbs

•Start your own flower and vegetable seedlings at home to save money

•Thaw all meat, poultry and other items in your refrigerator, instead of on the counter, adding extra cold to the refrigerator while thawing. This reduces energy costs and is a safe method.

•Learn to Bake at Home: Best Everything Cookie Recipe, Healthy Low Fat Brownies, Swedish Hardtack

•Learn to Can, Dry, Store and Freeze your produce and sale items.  Storing Carrots, Freezing Raspberries, Drying Cucumbers, Freezing Blueberries, Freezing Strawberries

•Use your Crock-pot  whenever possible to save on electricity especially during the summer months to cut the heat in your kitchen

•Add extra meat and vegetables to your crock-pot meal for soups and stews the next day

•Watch for covered crocks at garage sales or thrift stores. These are perfect for making pickles and sauerkraut. They are handy and resealable.


Additional Money Saving Tips

•Gather good cookbooks at Second-Hand Stores and Library Sales. Prepare home-cooked meals as much as possible. Wholesome Healthy Recipes

•When Baking or Cooking, make extra to freeze for leftovers (this was really hard with our big family as we rarely had leftovers and everyone was a member of the Clean-Plate-Club!)

•As a result, if you are cooking at home, this should eliminate the need to buy prepared foods and saves money

•Plan a 30-Day Meal Schedulethere are plans out there but you really need to think about your family needs, their likes and dislikes as well as your available food. Do This for Yourself!!!

•For example, if you are cooking at home, you will be eating out less and saving money

•Store foods in reusable jars to eliminate lots of extra plastic bag

•Start a Compost Pile and compost all kitchen leftovers and scrapes (except meats and fats, do not add either of these to your compost pile)

Look at what my friend, Victoria, has done with her family’s budget; save money your first month

We eat an all organic diet for less than $200 a month by just following these simple steps! And we didn't have to give up anything! Seriously, this is the best system for saving money ever!


Grab Your Copy Here On Sale Now for Only $27!!!!

Household Insurance: Part of Homestead Money Smarts

•Revisit all Insurance Policies and shop around for the best rates and deals. Combine all policies such as Homeowner, auto and a PULP with one carrier for multi-policy discounts. (A PULP is a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy)

Combining all policies including a PULP can actually be less expensive than just having one auto policy or one homeowner’s policy.

Very Important: Make sure all your policies are up-to-date. This is asset protection. Your simple lifestyle needs protection, too!!!

Review Healthcare Coverage: we are members of Christian Healthcare. This is such a blessing as the membership fees are extremely affordable compared to normal Health Insurance. Plus, CHM offers a referral program called “Bring-A-Friend”.

When you tell a friend about CHM and they join, you receive a premium holiday which means CHM waives one month’s membership cost for your family.

With Christian Healthcare Ministries, you not only save money you can actually make money through their referral program. This is truly a win-win!!

Each new member that joins and stays for three months qualifies you for this premium holiday!

This is fantastic as your family can save a month of sharing just for referring Christian Healthcare to others!!

Christian Healthcare Ministries is compliant with all government regulations. This is a “must-do” for your healthcare!

Simple Everyday Energy Saving Tips

Heat with Wood if you are able since an occasional extra heat source can reduce energy costs.

•Contact your Electric Company and check to see if they offer On-Peak and Off-Peak Rates. If they do, then schedule your washing, drying, dishwasher (if you have one) during Off-Peak Hours.

•Turn off all lights as you leave each room. This is such a simple but helpful tip that as a result will have a major yearly impact. Replace bulbs with lower energy cost LED light bulbs.

•When waiting for hot water from your faucet, run the water into a pitcher and then water your plants

•Always turn off the water when brushing your teeth

•Use Flannel Sheets in the fall, winter and spring months

•In addition to Flannel Sheets, invest in Down Comforters or Alternative Down Comforters

•Use an Old Fashioned Hot Water Bottle to Warm Up Your Bed!!

Using Curtains to Reduce Heat Loss

•Open and close all curtains in winter to let in the warm sunshine during the day, then close the curtains while out the cold at night. Do this daily as needed.

•In addition to opening and closing curtains in the winter, plan to do the same thing in the summer months, open windows at night to let in the cool night air then close windows and curtains mid-morning to block out the hot sun

•Since Phantom Kilowatts increase your monthly electric bill, unplug all seldom-used appliances and devices to cut phantom kilowatt usage.  This is helpful for those on or off the grid.

•Most of all, plan on wearing slippers and sweaters in the cold months instead of turning up the heat

•Hang Insulated Curtains on all Windows because they offer a barrier of protection from the outside cold or heat

also see

Frugal Laundry Tips and Ideas:

•Wear your clothes for more than one day because this saves on energy costs, laundry supplies, and reduces wear-n-tear on the clothes themselves from over washing.

•Rather than use your clothes dryer, try hanging your clothes on your clothesline or on a Wooden Drying Rack.

I have used this particular drying rack for years and years!! I use it indoors in the winter and outdoors on the porch in warmer weather.

Drying your clothing inside during the winter adds extra humidity to the air.  This is especially helpful if you Heat with Wood.

Pro Tip: dry your clothes for 5 to 10 minutes in the dryer to remove lint and fuzz, then hang them on the clothesline to finish drying!

Shirts Drying on Clothesline

More Laundry Tips:

•Install an Indoor Dryer Lint Trap  (this one is a winner!!!) that allows you to switch it to blow the heated air into your home. This is great in the winter as it adds heat as well as humidity to your home.

•Only wash full loads of clothes as it takes as much water and energy for a full load as it does for a partial load

•Use appropriate water level for each load since this saves water

•Turn your hot water heater’s temperature down to 120° to save money and reduce the scaling danger especially for young children and the elderly

•Always use a cold rinse cycle on washing machine rinse water setting rather than hot water

•Empty the dryer lint trap after every dryer load due to excessive lint reducing the effectiveness of the dryer and causing a fire danger

•Especially relevant on how to Homestead Money Smarts is to: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!”

black and white photo of an old wagon wheel on a wagon
Learn to fix things yourself to save money at home.

In Conclusion:

All the Best to You as you implement small changes for big savings with HOMESTEAD MONEY SMARTS | PRACTICAL WAYS TO SAVE MONEY!

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Saving Money
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