Helpful Old Fashioned Practices that are Used Today

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The world has progressed astronomically post-modernization. In the industrial world, almost all of the old-fashioned, organic, and indigenous practices were discarded as redundant, useless, or harmful without any evidence.

However, with the rise in the need for sustainable development, people and people groups are revisiting and brining back age-old and traditional practices. They are studying their efficiency and reevaluating their uses.

Science has proven many of these old-fashioned practices today to be actually quite useful and the least harmful in tackling a problem.

a lemon, ginger root and honey on a cutting board

This kind of research has especially been a focus in medicinal studies.

Now, there are university departments dedicated to studying the effectiveness of traditional remedies and medicinal practices that generations before us, used in their lifetimes.

Helpful Old-Fashioned Practices

These practices have often been passed on in families decade after decade as well as in the indigenous communities from one generation to the other.

Number #7 is my all-time favorite!

That is the reason why we have access to a wealth of these practices and remedies today.

In this article, we will talk about a few of the old-fashioned traditional practices and remedies that are still helpful to this day.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this fascinating world below!

1. Cucumber Slices for Puffy and Swollen Eyes

slice of fresh cucumbers in a wooden bowl

If your eyes feel puffy or swollen, you can find some relief with a simple tip.

All you need is a couple of slices of cool cucumber. Find a comfortable, quiet spot to lay down so you can relax undistracted.

The cucumber slices help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Close your eyes and place a cucumber slice over each eye for 15 to 20 minutes.

And, Relax.

2. Ginger Root & Powder for Upset Stomach

fresh ginger root and powdered ginger root in a bowl.

Do you feel nauseous often? The traditional remedies offer a quick fix.

You can try some ginger ale or have some ginger chews or even try a drinkable form as in ginger tea to experience relief from nausea.

Simply drinking 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger mixed in water may help soothe an upset stomach.

You can also steep fresh grated ginger root in hot water to create a soothing tea.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil for Headache

a small brown bottle of peppermint oil with peppermint leaves

This old-fashioned remedy of simply applying peppermint oil might just be helpful for a headache.

A few drops of peppermint oil in your bath may create a wonderful way to relax.

Or, rub a small amount of oil diluted with a carrier oil into your skin on the back of your neck but please do not get this in or near your eyes.

Consider adding peppermint oil to a essential oil room diffuser.

Or, have a relaxing cup of peppermint tea with honey.

4. Spoonful of Sugar Helps for Hiccups

bowl of unrefined sugar on a table with a sugar spoon

Give this a try for a bout of annoying hiccups….yes, just take small spoonful of granulated sugar to help stop the hiccups!

You can use white granulated sugar or a more unrefined sugar like in the photo.

Slowing dissolving the sugar on your tongue stimulates the vagus nerve which helps stop the hiccups.

Another easy way to stop hiccups is that while leaning over a sink, drink water out of the wrong side of a glass!

Yep, the wrong side of the glass…..give this one a try! Simple, easy and it works!

5. Honey, Lemon & Ginger Cough & Colds

lemon, honey and ginger root with a honey dipper

Ginger, honey, and lemon have all proven to be effective against a cough.

People have been using these ingredients as remedies for centuries and there are now studies that show that ginger really does help a sore throat.

Plus, honey has shown properties to help with a sore throat as well. And, lemon adds Vitamin C! Here is a wonderful recipe for fresh ginger tea from ginger root.

Learn how to make your own lemon, ginger and honey cough drops with nothing artificial.

6. Olive Oil to Moisturize Skin & Lips

olive oil works well in healing chapped lips

Although a hugely popular remedy now, the origin of using olive oil to moisturize the skin goes centuries back.

Olive oil has healing and soothing properties that provide instant relief to your chapped skin.

Moreover, the oil helps your lips retain moisture and fight dryness that causes them to become chapped.

7. Warm Milk & Honey for Insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep at night or seem to not get enough sleep, then you should try drinking a mug of warm milk with honey to beat insomnia.

It relaxes your body and allows you to fall asleep quickly and for longer.

Warm Milk & Honey simple to make: warm about one cup of milk and add a teaspoonful of honey. Stir while heating so the milk does not scorch.

Adjust the amount of honey and serve warm…


8. Lavender Oil for Relaxation

small brown bottle of lavender oil and a fresh lavender flower sprig

Lavender has long since been appreciated as a relaxation inducing essential oil. Learn more about the calming properties of lavender and how to add this calming oil to your life.

Consider adding a several drops to a tubful of warm bath water for a relaxing soak.

Or, use a small diffuser to emit the relaxing lavender fragrance in your room or home. There are even essential oil diffusers for your car!

And, if you are a gardener, you may want to consider growing lavender!

9. Cold Pack for Headache, Aches & Pains

black and white checked old timey ice pack

An old-fashioned cold pack for headaches might just be a simple remedy to try. Research more on the validity of using a cold pack for a headache, migraine or neck pain.

Place a frozen ice pack or bag of ice cubes in a dishcloth or towel and place on your forehead and temple areas.

Put ice cubes or crushed ice in a small washcloth or towel and place on your temples or forehead.

You may like to try an ice pack or an ice bag to help relieve a simple headache or injury. Simple things like ice cubes and a cold bag may help reduce your tension headache.

Then, close your eyes, lay back and relax.

10. And, Last but Not Least ~ a Hot Water Bottle for Cold Feet!

an old-fashioned red hot  on a wooden floorwater bottle

Hot Water Bottles are perfect to warm your feet at night. Fill your rubber bottle with hot but not boiling water.

Then, slip it in between your sheets for 10 to 15 minutes and jump in!

You may remove the hot water bottle before you fall asleep. If you plan on leaving the hot water bottle in your bed, make sure it has a cover on it to protect your feet for excess heat.

Save the water for your plants the next day. This is a perfect way to help keep your feet warm at night while you reuse, reduce and recycle!

Bonus: Whole Clover or Oil of Clove

whole cloves spilling out of an pottery jar

Consider using oil of clove or whole cloves for temporary relief from gum or tooth pain. This practice is often suggested by dentists.

Tuck a whole clove on the painful gum or rub oil of clove on the tender area. This is a temporary method of reducing pain but pain is an indicator that something is wrong.

So, as always, double check with your dentist or healthcare provider if you have dental pain and ask if oil of clove or whole cloves may be helpful until you can make a dental appointment.

Whole cloves can also be held in the mouth for a natural breath freshener as well.

Whole Cloves

Oil of Clove

Final Thoughts

Many ancient and old-fashioned practices carry several benefits. These ideas helps show that we shouldn’t completely discard or disregard old-fashioned remedies without testing and studying them first.

But that also doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow all old-fashioned practices.

Let us know in the comments about other old-fashioned practices that are still a part of your life today!

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