Keep a Garden Journal ~ How & Why to Start

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Many gardeners love taking and keeping notes of the growing experiences. They track their successes as well as failures and everything in-between. Make time to keep a garden journal of all your activities. You will be glad you did!

They love keeping track of things like the weather, temperatures, planting times and garden designs so they can refer back year after year.

This is why starting a garden journals is such a great idea!

Garden Journaling…..Start Yours Today…..

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Keep Track of Planting Dates and Harvest Dates


  • I have been gardening for over 30 years and I have realized that I made a huge mistake
  • This mistake is something that I want you to avoid
  • The remedy is simple but you must take action now
  • Please, please, please start your Gardening Journal today
  • I was a doodler, note-taker and a garden planner
  • And now that Bullet Journals are all the rage, I have realized my mistake
  • I had tons of scrap paper notes on garden designs and layouts
  • I had lists of seed varieties that I loved 
  • Things that I wanted to try….and those thoughts, designs and ideas are gone in the wind
  • Stop right now and plan how to journal your gardening life
  • Your Garden Journal can be as simple or as complex depending your lifestyle
  • Remember to add how you feel in your garden as gardening is good for your health!
  • It will become a treasure to you!!!

And, not only  that……it will become an invaluable documentation of your gardening experience and history.


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Even if it is just a notebook, make sure to record your gardening activities, ideas and designs!!!

Just plan on making some type of gardening diary with all your garden notes and journal entries. A calendar or date book will even work! Or, get something like this A GARDEN RECORD BOOK

Even consider making some type of garden journal template to use year after year.

I wish I had started a garden diary ……and, to think that I was and still am a doodler!!!

I would have been a perfect Bullet Journalist!!! Decades of designs, seed varieties, planting dates, garden layout, garden designs and on and on……..

a woman i a yellow shirt keeping a garden journal with all the important planting information

Start Today creating your Garden Story♥

Child’s Gardening Journal

if you like flowers
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