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Want fresh-tasting baby carrots all winter long? Find out how to keep your garden carrots deliciously crisp until spring with this easy storage method. This is such as simple but practical method on how to preserve fresh carrots for winter.

Large storage carrots can be packed in peat moss, sawdust or river sand, but, wait………what to do with all those little fingerling ones?

These little carrots are super delicious but is there a secret to keeping them fresh and crunchy all the way to springtime??? If you have never had a garden, learn to plant a small backyard garden for healthy food.

But if you want to store your little carrots for eating, then here is a super simple way to have that garden-fresh taste all winter long and even into spring…..and I mean, crisp and fresh!

Do you end up with lots of little fingerlings baby carrots when you don’t thin them at the appropriate times. With so many little carrots it is hard to know what to do with them all……..that is until now!

This easy storage method works wonders! Perfect for Fresh & Crisp tasting baby carrots until spring…..that is if they last that long!!! What a time saver……with this easy method to store garden carrots!


Step #1:

Pull all your carrots from your garden when the soil if relatively dry. Wet and super damp soil makes for really muddy carrots. Relatively dry soil makes it much easier to pull and clean them.

Step #2:

Knock off all the loose dirt and sort sizes into large, medium and small.

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Step #3:

Snap or twist off the green tops……..Place these little carrots in a sink or bucket and fill with water. Swish to clean off all dirt. Rinse until clean….

Step #4:

Allow little carrots to drip dry and then spread them out on a clean towel or sheet to finish drying.  Roll them around a bit for air circulation to make sure they are completely dry!!!

baby carrots being washed and dried on a a sheet before storing in the refrigertor

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Step #5:

Once the carrots are completely dry, bag them up in Ziploc bags or place in clean glass jars. Next, put them in the crisper drawer of your frig if you have room.

I put ours in the crisper drawer of a small apartment size refrigerator. This is nothing fancy just a small extra frig that is super handy for additional storage space!

Small Carrots Bagged and Ready for storing in the refrigerator

Next, I always plan on using the smallest ones first and save the mid-size for later. These are so convenient to use as they are all clean and ready to go. Perfect for fresh eating & snacking, salads, Chicken Vegetable Soup, or Crock Pot Dinners like This Venison Roast!

baby carrots in plastic bags

These carrots are also perfect for snacks as they are already go…..nice, clean and crisp!!

Store Carrots for Winter in Your Refrigerator

The carrots will develop a little bit of condensation while in the frig but this helps to keep them from drying out.

HOW to STORE CARROTS for WINTER | In Your Refrigerator promo image

These tender fingerling carrots are perfect for Chicken Vegetable Soup!!

How to Store Carrots for Winter
Chicken Vegetable Soup

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